It should be nice and smooth now. You should not open it up, if you don't know how to fix it. How do you know that your laptop fan isn't spinning. Update drivers. A Tech Blog About Android, Smartphones Reviews and MS Windows, can this have a direct impact while using windows. Keep rebooting your laptop. I suggest get your laptop's fan checked once because sometimes it only requires cleaning which fixes all fan related problem. There did not seem to be any indication there was a paste applied prior.... hey, I have a simple question...The fan in my laptop runs for sometime and then stops after sometime and starts all over agian,what must one do if he is it to open the laptop to clean the fan? However, if the laptop does not run any software at all, and your laptop fan always on, that may be caused by the system set up. Gently remove the silver “coin” battery from the motherboard. More fresh air helps in maintaining optimal temperature.If you lift your laptop then it will get more air and the CPU/GPU will run cooler. Ask the manufacturer for repair. The laptop doesn’t seem to be heating up. Your one has only two like horizontal rubber lines. I don't see any option rather than opening the laptop and cleaning the fan completely. First, remove the sticker on the fan. Because I don't have funds to get a new one and my work is vital... Pls any solution?? You have to be very careful. Hire a professional to fix the laptop, but everything should be in front of you, don't submit your laptop to anybody.Which laptop model you are using? Hi guys. i have deel studio i5 amd hd 5000 series my fan stops whn i use heavy performance my ram is 4gb and grapgic card is 2 gb my fan run normal whn nt using anything bt whn playing heavy games or application sumtimes it work properly sumtimes it dont nd whn the fan working my ram still get very hot what to do ? 9 years ago When the laptop fan starts making noise then its time to clean it. 11 years ago Set a temperature threshold. I suggest you to first download CPUID hardware monitor or CPUZ to check whether your laptop fan is listed and reporting the rpm readings that is actually fan speed. Blowing air doesn't always work. Take apart the rig. This will reset the BIOS setting to the “new” computer defaults. ... How to Fix a Computer That Won't Start in Safe Mode. When i turn on laptop fan spin about 5 seconds then stops and after aprox 1-2 minutes it shut down. Increase the efficiency to reduce heat. Its good to see that this article helped you. I built my new computer tonight, however it won't start. Rotate it around until it looks wet. If possible, leave the o-ring in place. I repaired my GPU fan. Share it with us! Plug your fan in and turn it on to the highest power setting. 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And it is also true that the fan stops completely when the cpu no longer needs cooling which means that your CPU is already cool and doesn't need further cooling via fan. while running with high load the fan starting to function. At first I imagined I'd have to order a set of computer screwdrivers; then try to learn how to take the laptop apart; then either clean the fans or order new ones (if possible); or just let my laptop continually run very hot. the temperature is going up. Outdated drivers … Did you make this project? Otherwise, put it on the fan shaft. But don't worry unless the CPU temperature goes beyond 70 degrees at full load. My Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop fan stops spinning after half a second at start up. These read-only c... Nvidia graphics cards or notebook GPUs that support the Nvidia's Optimus Technology will let you switch the graphics processor to run ... Today most laptops and notebooks have an inbuilt combo audio jack which is a single 3.5 mm audio jack supporting the headphones, headset an... A laptop’s internal fan is a part of the cooling system that keeps its CPU and GPU cool and protects it from overheating. Clean junk files from the C:\ drive and use a good quality antivirus. When there is no load on the CPU and GPU then the fan runs at very low speed that you can't even notice it. I've got an Acer Aspire 5332 laptop in for repair. Press Esc or F10 and select “save and Exit” press Enter and allow your system to restart then check … The symptoms are that after pressing the power button, the fan spins for about 3 secs and then stops. It was the successor to... Java or Jar games were popular over a decade ago in Nokia and Java phones. hey my lenovo e49 laptop fan's power supply got a little messed up while cleaning, it accidentally got pulled out and now the fan won't start. My computer started with a 486 and its been upgraded a part here and a part there for 15 or so years. For such a relatively small device, a lot can go wrong with your laptop or computer.One of the more frustrating things that could go wrong is when your screen won't turn on.You may find that your fan is working, but there is nothing on your display, or there is just no signal. Dust accumulated in the CPU and graphics card can also prevent your Laptop to dissipate heat. I suggest taking it to a specialist and getting it checked up. Turn your fan on to make sure that the motor works. Use the disk defragment on Windows. The fans doesn't stop automatically unless it encounter an impact or too much dust accumulation. All of a sudden though my laptop fan started going crazy, it is loud and seems like it is spinning really fast. Awesome to see someone else that figured out how to open computer fans right up! A laptop’s internal fan is a part of the cooling system that keeps its CPU and GPU cool and protects it from overheating. Thank you. What if there is nothing exposed other than the fan housing when you remove the sticker? If you’ve tried both of these steps but your fan still won’t work, try … Make sure the fan is unplugged. When laptop fan is removed for cleaning the CPU thermal paste needs to be re-applied. You can also use sewing machine oil on a Q-tip.But use no more than one drop for each part.Shaft gets one drop with Q-tip and bearing gets one drop straight from the bottle. There should be some kind of clip holding the axle in place. If you can get in there and wipe the crud out the bearing, it works that much better. on Introduction. Heavy dust accumulation clogs the fan then it stops spinnings. Add another few drops of lubricant to the fan shaft around the split ring and spin the fan around a bit. Please help..A piece of paper is inside near cooling fan thats why it is not moving how to take it out please tell me please. my laptop is just one month old...but fan stoped heats up too much....i tried all bove but nothing work...wht should i do? Be sure the o-ring is still in place as you put the fan back into the bearing and pop the split ring back on. THank you so much for your article! A laptop’s inter... Western Digital My Passport is one of that external hard drives that come with 256-bit hardware encryption. Laptop won't turn on (No fan spinning , No screen) Hi everybody! Dust is one of those unfortunate inevitabilities when it comes to PCs. 5 years ago Remove the battery very first.Use a soft 1 inch brush to clean the dust. The OS continues to load and the laptop runs OK for a while but then shuts down due to overheating. Here’s how to fix a laptop fan constantly running all the time. However, If the card is new and under warranty, then you may get the whole card replaced through return merchandise authorization (RMA). If laptop is running 2-3 hours continuously on this setup then your laptop's battery has failed. Don't use any object or compressed air. You can use arctic silver thermal grease. Add a few drops of lubricant to the inside edge of the fan. So these fans run with varying speeds. I gave my laptop for cleaning .. after it came back,when i play a game and it crashed,fan stopped working .. i gave it back,they opened it and said that a cable was not properly connected .. after another game crash,fan stopped again .. any ideas ? on Introduction, Actually for computer fans oil would work better. Now my machine is super quiet and I cannot tell if they are working! I suggest you to follow the steps below. Overheating problem can make your fans to work harder and spin at a higher speed to remove heat generated from the CPU which can cause noise. Now is a good time to clean up all the dust that's been collecting around the fan. Then plug power cable in … wow, how old and how often is your computer on? You are likely talking about a single phase electric motor driven fan. If you are not seeing even a cursor on the screen then the screen might have failed or there may be some loose connections that require fixing. Seek help from a laptop hardware expert. If your laptop is heating up when you start using it, you’ll first need to make … Without inspecting I can't say a word. Your Toshiba satellite L640 needs cleaning. Well windows will shut off the fan when the fan is not required to provide additional cooling. If it spins while running a heavy application then everything is fine. The fan requires cleaning. Also i did try to get to the fan but i can't so i blew on it and used a clean blush brush and cleaned it. No change. Remove the front piece of the fan cage. Determine which fan is making the noise., 8 years ago If its one month old then it is still under warranty. Let me try to follow your instruction. My laptop is dell i5 ,which was being severely used by my friends by putting in it sound system for whole day ,,using it without proper charging for 6 months ,now as I moved alone my laptop is showing problems as overheating and getting laggy and shutting down with lil use..sometimes whenever I try to restart it ,it shows the message :configuring windows dn it start from1% to 100% ..though I completed d configuration process several times but it shows again n again by day device is getting slower..I need serious help..thanking in advance. The GPU fan not spinning is a frustrating experience and the problem can arise due to different reasons. Heavy dust accumulation reduces the fan performance. If the fan stops rotating then the cooling system of your laptop shuts down, thereby increasing the CPU and motherboard temperature. I turned off my laptop and left it over night but the next morning when i turned on my laptop the fan starts spinning right away and it still makes the loud noise. Configuring Windows 1%-100% means that it is installing some updates. Let me try your solution then i'll come back to you for an output. You can also use a compressed air can to remove the dust from the fan. It requires servicing. If you too are facing the same issue, then the following given troubleshooting tips on how to fix a ceiling fan that won’t spin, might prove useful. Now that we’ve determined temp levels & defragged the system, it’s time to crack … I think the floppy is still original. If the CPU is cool then the fan runs very slowly that you can't even notice.To anytime check the fan working either use a fan monitoring software or use a heavy application which makes heavy cpu usage. Then you need to head on over to my new article. Add another few drops of lubricant to the fan shaft around the split ring and spin the fan around a bit. It worked great. Windows will automatically shut down when the CPU temperature rises to a critical level. That or maybe the fan just needs some attention. When I boot up, it loads Windows but the fan doesn't run and it just powers down within 2-5 minutes depending on the heat. Usually by a program that’s taxing on your onboard RAM. It's very helpful! Wear rubber gloves before opening the laptop. on Introduction. what should I do? the fan started working immediatley, cooling down the laptop. Here is my suggestion: The bottom of your laptop has 4 rubber stoppers. The fan may be located either on the left or right side of your machine. Once you have that, you can find … Well if the laptop is over 3 years old and was not maintained properly then it requires cleaning from inside. You can get videos with exact HP laptop models also. Reattach the fan and turn it on. And it is currently the most popular chat app on android, iOS and Windows phone. Am using dell inspiron 14z-5423, it was over heated and gave me beeping alert after restarting it, after leaving it off certain time and restart it a fan starting making noisy i try to press and hold over the keyboard to stop noises there is where fan stop spinning. I have toshiba satellite L640 i5, laptop for 5 yrs and few months back the fan use to spin with a high speed and 2 weeks back the fan stop spinning and the laptop get over hitted and hank every after 20 / 30 min so i blew with a pipe but no change.after a week it comes back like normal for 2 hrs and now it stop spining again. Dust around the fan's blades will prevent it from spinning correctly. This situation is controlled by the thermal sensor. Thinking it was the fan itself, I got a replacement fan and swapped it out. That's great. If you know where they are, short-out the two pins with the jumper OTHERWISE just leave the computer unplugged for at least 10 minutes or longer. My fans worked last week, but this week my fans have stopped working for an unknown reason and caused my temps to rise up to 80c. I also suggest you to check your BIOS settings. If you don’t hear anything, put your ear up to the middle of the case behind the blades. HiI didn't open my laptop but instead I used an vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and when I restart it the cooler stop working. If your core 2 duo shows 50 degrees then you may need to clean your laptop. The laptop fan has a varying speed which varies with increasing cpu temperature. Very helpful. In most cases cleaning the dust will fix the problem otherwise fan replacement is the only option. Common Problems with Acer Spin 5 and their Fix 1.Acer Spin 5 Fan Noise or Fan Problem. on Introduction, Reply My GPU Cooler works like new. Just like … on Step 4, Great tutorial. First check this and tell me. Use grease instead of oil and it'll last longer, Reply well if fan stops working and you are not aware of this, then this will damage the laptop motherboard in the long run. Also, it can cause the fans … But if you can't do it then seek a professional. After I read your article I blow some air into the cooler with a spray but still not working. I've used oil and oil and oil and then switched to grease and never had to re-do them. I can't actually monitor the fan profile or rpm because no software can detect it and it's not in the BIOS either. Could a fan failure cause the laptop to shut down quickly. I've re-oiled the fans on my computer that runs 24/7 only once in the past 3 years. I would also say that your motherboard has a problem if the CPU temperature rises that fast. I am assuming that your laptop doesn't have any power or motherboard problems.