A new archenemy has been born, with the Seal Stone in their arms". There are two kinds of curses: Creative Curse (White) and Destructive Curse (Black). With the revelation that Grandis and Maple World were originally the same world, Grendel destroys the barrier and unites the two worlds once again. It is at this moment that the White Mage makes it his goal to break free from these chains, and turns into the Black Mage. They spot a replica of the player entering the mirror to fight Will and realize they are still in the Morass, viewing the Black Mage's memory. The plan worked, and the seal spell activated. He shows the player the Scroll of Prophecy, found in the Black Mage's laboratory in Magatia, revealing that the Black Mage has the ability to see destiny. Having taken over nearly all of Maple World, the Black Mage ordered Arkarium to destroy Leafre, including the forest where the Demon's family lived. Damien located Root Abyss and corrupted the guardians of Root Abyss to imprison her. Guwaru lends Orchid powers of the Transcendents, and tells Orchid to lend the power to the player when the time is right. He can only fought on Hard mode. This song was sung by, MapleStory - Black Mage "It is time" TV commercial, MapleStory Black Mage Story Prologue Chapter 1, MapleStory Black Mage Chapter 3 "Rebirth", MapleStory Black Mage Final Chapter "Gathering of Heroes". 黑魔法师 (Hēi Mófǎshī)白魔法师 (Bái Mófǎshī) She is eventually found and rescued by the Flying Fish, and returns to the White Spear. Note: He had the exact same life count mechanic and attack patterns as below, but with lower % HP damage. With the parting words "The darkness you took from me will consume you", the Black Mage was sealed in time. The player fails to destroy it at first, and the Black Mage teleports inside the Crux. He believed that everything he had pursued had been impossible all along, for the world was little more than an experiment, with humans as the chess pieces. MapleStory - Legend Mercedes Animated Intro, MapleStory - Legend Demon Slayer Animated Intro (Male version), MapleStory - Legend Demon Slayer Animated Intro (Female version), MapleStory - Legends Mercedes Animated Intro Video, MapleStory - Legends Demon Slayer Animated Intro Video, MapleStory - Tempest Luminous Animated Intro, MapleStory - You & I Eunwol (은월) Animated Intro, MapleStory Kinesis Animated Video 2 HD (English Subtitles), MapleStory- Kinesis All Animated Video -ENG Ver-, 【MapleStory】 Kinesis All Animated Videos JP Ver, MapleStorySEA - Heroes of Maple The Black Mage, MapleStory - Animated Sequence of Arcane River's Road of Vanishing, MapleStory Black Mage - Call for the Alliance, It's the theme song of the Black Mage. The Black Mage had invaded Maple World to gather commanders and followers, and eventually create the hero who would ultimately defeat him. Flaming Spikes: The Black Mage will summon several large, flaming groups of spikes that covers a large area in the floor, and raise them towards unlucky players who get caught by them after a short warning period, dealing 35% HP damage and inflicting the, Eyes of Darkness: The Black Mage summons two large eye-shaped orbs, similar to, Laser Jail: The Black Mage will charge an attack with one (or both) of his hands, then he will unleash a full-map attack with laser walls covering the whole map. The player finds a way to the Core of the Labyrinth, where they encounter a Cygnus Knight named Azalin, who tags along and berates the player repeatedly. An elf named Lucid, who had the power to manipulate dreams, stumbled across the Black Mage's dreams. Believing that if he were to research the ultimate light that he could fix the world's imperfections himself, the White Mage gathered several followers who shared his ideals and created an organization known as Aurora. Each knight will have identical attack patterns, but will cast a different curse on you. The White Mage had entered the divine realm, where he saw his goals of a perfect world in reach, but is held back by chains, representing the Overseer controlling him. Neinheart declares that the time to act is now, and has the Alliance set up base at Ereve's Outpost, where they travel to Tenebris and take on the Black Mage directly, with Cygnus and Neinheart taking charge of a giant airship they name the White Spear. Race As the mercenary went on their way, they encountered a young girl named Arin, who was hunting for dark creatures called Omens that had killed her family.